Equine assisted leadership coach

Become part of the Bukepha group. After having established and positioned itself in the fields of professional equine assisted leadership and personal development trainings for many years now, Bukepha is going to pass on its knowledge and experience: as of 2017 you may participate in our "equine assisted leadership coach" training programs.

Our unique training programs leave nothing to be desired indeed, and make you fit for your own way towards establishing your business as well as shaping your future and success.

Our 7 training principles

  • equine assisted training, basing on systemic principles and a humanistic view,
    i.e. a humanistic conception of man
  • competence development in attendance seminars, self-studies as well as regular reflection sessions via skype or telephone over a time period of 15 months
  • comprehensive visual materials illustrating real-life coaching/training contexts and situations
  • practice-focused, experience-oriented and experiential paths of education and learning
  • diverse scientific background information, comprehensive literature recommendations as well as inspiring impulse presentations/lectures
  • step-by-step introduction of/instruction on practical application of seminar contents with actual clients
  • qualified expert feedback on the impact one has and the impression one makes on others for further personal development and a confident interaction with clients

Are you ready to start your training?

We attach significant value to the quality of our education and training programs, for which reason it is important for us to ensure that our group of participants embraces the spectrum of a homogeneous knowledge and experience background for the most part. With this selection we want to assure that a uniformly high education and training level will be guaranteed for all participants and, by the same token, an adequate basis for the successful application of the training program contents, in compliance with the Bukepha philosophy, will be sustainably and permanently provided for.


The 4 prerequisites to qualify for admission

You wish to empower people

Most people who wish to develop and unfold further do not lack knowledge, but rather access to themselves and to their inherent potentials. We will be your companions as well as your sources of inspiration, enabling you to unfold from your own midst, your innermost being, and (re)gain your natural, original strength. Well, and if this is what you enjoy doing, then we are exactly the right partners for you.

You have got leadership experience

Ideally, you have worked in a leadership/management position in a company, or you generally have to deal with leadership/management representatives in your professional environment. If this is not particularly the case, you should at least be familiar with the challenges of instructing people and guiding teams, also in areas (of life) other than the economy or business.

You have a passion for horses

It is of less concern how intensively you have dealt with horses so far, but rather that you have a profound affinity for horses. However, you should have some experience with horses. And all further knowledge you will intensively learn and acquire in our training programs.

You have got the ability of self-reflection

This, for instance, means being able and willing to step back entirely, to retreat, in order to be there for the individual client 100%. On the other hand, however, this does not mean to "lose oneself", but to be present and in the presence, with all senses. It means to know and to respect one’s own limitations. To set limits. And it means being able to discern and put particular situations into perspective, as opposed to interpreting them as relating to or targeted against oneself.

It is our declared goal that this training is much more than just a training program

After completing our "equine assisted leadership coach" training program, we will accompany and guide you in all training-content-related and/or business matters, as per your request.
In addition to this, our franchising services offer will provide and support you with everything that usually requires a considerable amount of time and money in the initial business start-up stages.
As a part of the Bukepha group you will belong to a cooperative network of like-minded, professional partners. This not only facilitates the lively exchange of experience and knowledge, but also the uncomplicated cooperation, if a particular situation requires this.
And last but not least, we do care about your personal empowerment. It is our wish that you will be empowered to walk your path of life successfully and joyfully. For this reason, you will enjoy and benefit from feedback, reflections, and impulses, intended to help unfold and cultivate your self-confidence for your individual path of life.

For more detailed and comprehensive information, please refer to our training magazine "Sinne"

training magazine (PDF)

of our participants

Daphne Hamann, Bukepha Group Coach
"The Equine Assisted Leadership Coach training program of Bukepha Group is a great adventure – an adventure you may undertake for developing and shaping your individual personality.
At the same time, it offers you the opportunity to acquire premium-quality professional knowledge as well as profound social and methodical competencies.
The professionalism of Martina Zimmermann and her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge and experience, make this training a particularly valuable and significant milestone in life.
Our regular meetings and sessions over a period of fifteen months were most pleasant, yet very intensive and challenging now and then. Martina Zimmermann, however, brilliantly mastered to support, encourage, and motivate us at all times.
I can only recommend the Bukepha Group training program."

Andrea Leder, Bukepha Group Coach
"My expectations of the Equine Assisted Leadership Coach training program have been met to the fullest extent. Due to the most professional and appreciative attitude and approaches of Martina Zimmermann, I had the great privilege of experiencing a perfect combination of my two declared passions, horses and coaching, in the course of our training period.
This very comprehensive, excellently thought-out, yet remarkably individualized training program has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and tools, and qualifies me now, in my capacity as a leadership coach, to tailor my services precisely to the varied requirements and concerns of leadership personnel.
I can only recommend the Bukepha Group training program to anyone who, like me, would like to acquire particularly impressive coaching techniques.
Many thanks to Martina Zimmermann, for her great patience, her exemplary commitment, as well as her untiring faith in the abilities of each training program participant."