• NEWS: Horsemanship and Leadership

    The Rediscovery of a Cultural Heritage as Orientation Framework for a new Leading Elite

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  • based on a quote of Charles Montesquieu

    „If you want to lead people, you must not chase them before you, rather make them follow you gladly“


Business Consultant
“I had the privilege to experience very directly how much being present, having a clear focus and a constructive attitude influences the success of teamwork. This finding has had an immediate impact on my private as well as my business live. I feel in stressfull situations more relaxed now.”

Managing Director of a service company
“The day with the horses was filled with a lot of challenging tasks in order to experience one’s own leading behavior and the impact on others. The experiences have remained in my memory very pictorially. I can recall them at any time.”

CEO of a clinical network
„Our leadership event with a variety of information and offerings around „horses and leadership“ was very well received! It has once again become clear, that leadership is all about the little things in the day to day work with each other. Successful teamwork requires mindfulness“

Assistent of a managing director
„The feedback of the horses and the professional coaching that goes with it has helped me to always look for constructive solutions and actions. The work with the horses is in my point of view very effective and it is easy to transfer it to my day to day life.”

Managing Director of a health institution
„My first encounter with horses combined with the professional coaching has still a great impact on me. Sometimes I change my attitude as well as my presence consciously – outwardly or only internally. This has a huge effect on myself and on others. A very valuable experience.”

„I have kept a lot of pictures / images of the experiences with the equine assisted leadership training in my memory. I was really astonished, how much I can learn from the feedback of the horses about my own personality and about leadership. I only can recommend this experience, no matter whether someone already has a lot of leadership experience or is just a newcomer.”

CEO of a bank
„At the beginning, I was pretty skeptical whether the work with the horses would be beneficial for me. But at the end of the day I was very surprised, how much I have learned about myself and how valuable my findings have been for my day to day leadership work in terms of practical relevance – still today.”

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