„Durch das Feedback der Tiere und das flankierende professionelle Coaching habe ich gelernt handlungs- und lösungsorientiert vorzugehen. Die Arbeit mit den Pferden ist für mich sehr effektiv und im täglichen Leben leicht umsetzbar.“

„Durch das Feedback der Tiere und das flankierende professionelle Coaching habe ich gelernt handlungs- und lösungsorientiert vorzugehen. Die Arbeit mit den Pferden ist für mich sehr effektiv und im täglichen Leben leicht umsetzbar.“

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung KIVBF

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We always design and customize our equine assisted trainings as per your wishes and requirements. Our service portfolio comprises individual coachings, workshops, trainings as well as corporate events. In the following, we would like to introduce some of our well-proven training programs which are primarily intended to serve as inspiration and orientation though. Various practical examples will additionally offer you some insight in more specific issues as well as our equine assisted training approaches and methods.

Programs Personality and leadership success
Clear. Authentic. Efficient.

Genuine leadership personalities fascinate and inspire people merely by being who they are. They live and show their human aspects, act and impress through their charisma. All things considered, leadership is always about the development and design of a human interrelation and interaction, and thus the introduction of one’s own person as well as the acceptance of the other person. With our experience-oriented trainings we offer you the opportunity to become familiar with the leadership role through practical experience, to focus on the development and cultivation of your inherent leadership qualities, and gain personal confidence and certainty in view of various leadership situations. The intended and desired result is "practiced" authenticity with a significant impact on your charisma and leadership performance.

You will experience

  • clarity and insight on the role expectations of leadership, from the guided persons’ point of view
  • the importance of presence and mindfulness for the impact your unique personality creates
  • to detect, dissolve and liberate possible blocks for the development of your leadership personality
  • to try out consistent and harmonious ways to introduce and express your individual personality in leadership situations
  • leadership as a dynamic and flexible process

Programs Strengthening your personality
Content. Self-Determined. Confident.

Being content, self-determined, confident … well, who does not strive for that? However, is it possible to achieve and maintain this ideal state of mind in the long run? In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives it is oftentimes quite challenging to remain centered and calm and to shape one’s life as desired. Horses may assist us as unbiased and impartial feedback providers, and give us valuable impulses for our pursuit of sustainable authenticity and self-confidence. As an ideal mirror for our personality, they thus offer us an unobstructed, undisguised perspective of ourselves. They furthermore allow us to detect existing, yet dormant potentials, and assist us in dissolving and liberating mental blocks and "success prevention programs" efficiently and reliably. This experience will release new energies for your further development and it will certainly make you want more. Discover your possibilities and embark on an adventure with yourself.

You will experience

  • balance and centering – the powerful effect of authenticity
  • presence – self-determined and self-confident appearance in the here and now
  • limits and restrictions – setting and respecting limits and restrictions
  • closeness and distance – as a basis for the establishment of respectful relationships
  • pragmatic ways to serenity and composure in everyday life – body-centered and meditational methods

Programs Mindfulness as a key to greater success
Exploit a valuable leadership resource

We typically experience our daily working life as hectic and challenging. The increasing number of assignments and continuing interruptions does not only impair and negatively affect our personal satisfaction, but also our professional performance in terms of quality, productivity, and creativity. Although we are not able to extend our time, we are able to learn how to use it in a more intensive and presence-oriented manner. Mindfulness is an integral key to this: as an inner attitude or frame of mind it literally opens the door – out of your inner balance and tranquility – to explore new spaces consciously and self-efficiently. We invite you to discover mindfulness as a valuable resource for your day-to-day leadership operations and performance. With the horses as our co-trainers we enable our clients to experience the power of the present moment and the multitude of intuition unfolding in this particular present moment. You will gain numerous thought-provoking impulses of how you may practice and activate mindfulness in your everyday life.

You will experience

  • to use mindfulness as a valuable resource
  • impulses and ideas for reflection and contemplation in everyday life
  • to practice balance and centering, focusing and presence as the key factors of mindfulness
  • to focus on and go with the present moment and all its opportunities
  • to discover ways of cultivating a lifestyle of mindfulness in your everyday life

Programs Emotionality in our change projects
A constructive approach towards dealing with the power of emotions

The power of emotions is active at any time, irrespective of whether we are aware of it or not. It is a well-known fact that change projects frequently fail during their stages of implementation. The reasons can usually be found in the rather obscure territory of emotions. Just imagine you would be able to handle this invisible, emotional realm as professionally as you are able to handle the visible and tangible aspects of your change project. Well, the potential required for this may be traced and detected, once we realize how to use and interpret emotions as information. The horses, as our co-trainers, will provide you with an ideal mirror, since they – due to their most sensitive perception – are true masters in absorbing and reflecting feelings. Use your emotional intelligence to award authenticity to your personal appearance and success to your professional performance.

You will experience

  • which part emotions play in change projects
  • to activate the conscious access to your personal realm of emotions
  • to sense the feelings of other people with empathy
  • to decipher the messages of feelings as well as to implement them pragmatically
  • to purposefully use the power of emotions in change processes in order to mobilize energies for the aspired success

Programs Successful teamwork
Ways to an intact and productive community

Team work may render outstanding performances and achievements on the one hand – on the other hand, it may render as an adverse effect that nothing at all will work anymore. Now, what is the crucial and decisive factor for successful team work? Equine assisted training opens up experiential spaces in order to pursue this question in a most expressive and memorable manner: in the world of horses, the daily clarification of individual relationships within the herd leads to an intact community. Hereby, hierarchy is not an absolute term or permanent constant, but rather subject to dynamic changes. In a sound and stable herd, the expenditure of energy and time invested in the clarification of relationships is reduced to a minimum indeed. As a result, its entire potential of strength, required to master daily challenges, is readily available. If we recognize and acknowledge the natural/biological need for relationships in humans as well, we will have found the key to successful and sustainable team work. We will assist you to view matters from a different perspective, to break new ground and follow new paths with team work as well as to establish the basis for an intact community in a playful manner.

You will experience

  • solidarity and attachment – setting sound limits, team optimum
  • trust – giving, receiving, enjoying trust
  • vulnerability – dealing with weaknesses and failures as a source of innovative strength
  • foresight – flexible allocation of rolls in view of imminent challenges