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Martina Zimmermann is the founder and owner of Bukepha, thus also the initiator, idea provider and partner for clients and team members alike.
The training and coaching program she has developed, is based on her long-term experience and work with horses as well as the realization that horses can promote the development of personality and leadership skills in humans. The essential experiences and observations she has been able to make in merging the business world and the world of horses, Martina Zimmermann has passed on to her training program attendees with great passion and commitment ever since the further expansion of Bukepha to Bukepha group. Her declared strengths, aside from her comprehensive experience, are her ability to address heart and mind alike as well as her sensitivity for the very right moment.

"The things we really know are not the things we have merely read about or heard about, but the things we have lived, have experienced, have been sensible of."

(Calvin M. Woodward)

Coaching Team
Coaching Team

Experience …
… with the world of horses

It was as early as in her childhood that Martina Zimmermann had her first memorable contacts and formative experiences with horses during numerous family stays in the South of France. On the back of horses she changed from western riding to classical dressage, studied and explored the topics of herd psychology, free/individualized work and groundwork with horses in detail, and in addition to that, also worked with so-called problem horses. Among others, she found inspiration in the seminars of Native American Indian horse trainer GaWaNi Pony Boy as well as in numerous further trainings with the renowned coach and book author Linda Kohanov in Arizona, USA. Eventually, however, it is the horses that have always been and even today still are her true teachers.

… with the business world

Not only does Martina Zimmermann possess a theoretical knowledge of her clients‘ working environments, she also knows the business world and all its challenges from her own experience. As a corporate consultant and management team member of an international service provider, she has acquired leadership experience at home and abroad. For more than 20 years now, Martina Zimmermann has accompanied and counselled leaders and managers in a professional and target-oriented manner – ever since 2009, she has successfully worked as an independent consultant and coach.

Coaching Team
Coaching Team


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