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At the recommendation of a colleague, Hans Grasser got to know Martina Zimmermann and Bukepha. Despite his initial scepticism, he decided to get involved with the horses as co-trainers. After their first encounter already he was convinced of the impact of Bukepha's very special coaching approach.

After the foundation of Bukepha Group, the urgent desire emerged in him to pass on his own positive and valuable experiences, and contribute to the development of other personalities.

By contributing his well-founded management experience, his creativity, his distinct ability to identify and show unusual solutions, and his contagious humour, Hans Grasser is an enriching asset to the Bukepha family. With a great measure of empathy, he furthermore supports his clients in discovering their potentials and exploring new paths.

„Our actions and deeds must above all be an expression of freedom, or else we will resemble wheels that turn, because they are being forced to do so from the outside.“

(Mark Twain)

Hans Grasser
Hans Grasser

Experience …
… with Horses

Hans Grasser grew up in an essentially agricultural village. In occasional encounters with horses during his childhood, he already then was fascinated by their powerful supremacy and their engaging, warm-hearted charisma.

For many years there had been no further points of contact until he finally met the animals again through Martina Zimmermann.

His enthusiasm for interacting and working with horses made him acquire a great wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge within the shortest period of time. In July 2018, the gelding Sethos joined him and his family. The learning experience of "working" together with Sethos, along with the great fascination and joy this generates, have become an indispensable part of and valuable enrichment for his life.

…in the World of Business

Hans Grasser may look back on many years of professional experience as a manager in the banking and education sector. In addition to having a profound business management education, he has completed numerous training and advanced training courses in the areas of leadership, process management, project management, change management, and personality development (e.g. Reis Motivation Profil Master). During his career of more than 25 years, he has accompanied numerous employees, executives, and teams within the scope of his activities as an executive or project manager. Clients will benefit from his many years of knowledge and experience in their personal development and advancement.

Hans Grasser
Hans Grasser


Equine assisted leadership training / coaching
Horsepower to Empower Leadership

Hans Grasser
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