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Within the framework of her assignment in the personnel development area of a large Bavarian cooperative bank, Andrea Leder got to know Martina Zimmermann and Bukepha. After the first appointment already, she realized that this concept would offer a unique approach in the coaching sector. Very quickly the desire arose in her to exploit and apply this significant possibility of personality and self-development, and to pass it on to others. The expansion of Bukepha to Bukepha Group as well as the offer of a newly designed training program came just at the right time, and thus represented the start of some of the most exciting experiences in her life.

As part of the Bukepha family, Andrea Leder very much profits from her calm and focused interaction with people and horses alike. She is always in a position to create and shape a trusting, confident, and appropriate situation and atmosphere. With great commitment, Andrea Leder employs both her expertise and her enthusiasm for the benefit of those finding their way to her.

"Whatever you can do, or dream of being able to do, just start doing it. Boldness has got genius, power, and magical strength. Start doing it now."

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Andrea Leder
Andrea Leder

Experience ...
… with Horses

Ever since her early childhood, horses have been an integral part in Andrea Leder's life. Soon she realized that the competencies she had acquired, the mindfulness towards the horse and the rider, the ability to perform situative actions, to assume responsibility, and being capable of reflecting her own actions, empowered her to yet even more: teaching others how to interact with horses. In addition to training unexperienced riders, she also recognized her talents in the interaction with young horses. With her calm, confident, and consistent manner, she quickly gained their trust. Andrea Leder rounded off her equestrial trainings with ground work and approaches according to Linda Tellington-Jones and Monty Roberts, as she has always attached great importance to holistic approaches in the training of horses and riders. The most important truth, however, she has learned in the past 35 years since her very first encounter with horses, is: trust your intuition.

…in the World of Business

Continuous trainings as well as a constant further development characterize the professional career of Andrea Leder. Subsequent to her vocational training in the financial/banking sector, she was able to gain initial experience in the areas of sales and management. After her business administration studies, she changed to the personnel department of the by now largest Bavarian cooperative bank, where she has worked ever since. Her qualifications as a graduated systemic coach, a REISS Profile Master as well as a trauma and stress coach expand her wealth of experience, and valuably complement her individual coaching, her leadership development, and team coaching assignments.

Andrea Leder
Andrea Leder


Equine assisted leadership training / coaching
Horsepower to Empower Leadership

Andrea Leder
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