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  • Heading for new shores

    Bukepha group now business unit of SCUNA

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  • Leadership as a Flow 

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  • Bookproject: "Horsemanship and Leadership"

    The Rediscovery of a Cultural Heritage as Orientation Framework for a new Leading Elite

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  • based on a quote of Charles Montesquieu

    „If you want to lead people, you must not chase them before you, rather make them follow you gladly“

Welcome to
Bukepha group

The Bukepha group is an international network of professional and qualified business coaches, providing assistance in the development of personality and leadership skills. We lead the way with our employment of horses as sparring partners for our clients in the process of our training and coaching programs.

Our clients appreciate our experience-based approaches, coupled with a profound leadership and business expertise, as well as our individual and customized programs.

Our excellent reputation also arises from our cooperation with renowned institutes, organizations, and scientific facilities.

training/coaching experience -
equine assisted leadership coaching/training

if you ...

  • are interested in finding out more about our philosophy and how it is possible to learn leadership competence from horses,
  • have no experience with equine assisted coaching/training,
  • wish to unfold and develop your personal potential with our assistance,
  • as an executive, are searching for a sustainable, experience-oriented, and customizable coaching/training concept for yourself and/or your team,

then we are exactly the right partners for you


training program
equine assisted leadership coach/trainer

if you ...

  • are interested in our innovative training program,
  • wish to combine your leadership experience with your affinity for horses,
  • intend to work as a freelance, equine assisted leadership coach/trainer,
  • plan to complement your existing coaching services with the spectrum of equine assisted coaching/training approaches,
  • like working with horses and people,

then we are exactly the right partners for you

Bukepha Group
Bukepha Group